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IT Organizational Development

and Strategic Sourcing

Leveraging the right kind of resources on a timely basis at the right location and right cost whether on site, near shore or offshore is what TPP refers to as Strategic
Strategic Sourcing services offerings include:
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IT Sourcing Strategy

TPP views Strategic Sourcing as a top-down strategic decision to be developed through the IT Governance Process. We will assist customers develop a sourcing strategy aligned with business needs while leveraging the rapidly changing capability and cost of new sources of supply.


Some common goals of IT Strategic Sourcing include:

  • Refocusing on core competencies and away from "commodity" services

  • Access to critical technology skills and knowledge during architectural upgrades

  • Augmenting staff during periods of transition, acquisitions and divestitures

  • Controlling overall IT costs through an effective leverage model

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RFP facilitation and Contract Negotiation

From the RFP through to contract finalization can be a long and complex process.


TPP assists clients in:

  • Building a competitive field of bidders

  • Running an efficient and effective RFP process

  • Negotiating a fair and practical contract

Transition Support Services

After the development of the Strategic Sourcing Strategy and the selection of required Service Providers, the transition to the new model can be long and very disruptive. Especially if current internal resources are impacted in a significant fashion.


TPP can supplement internal resources as needed, often in the following areas

  •  Participation on the transition management office to provide additional project management capabilities

  • Leading the Change Management aspects of the project

  • Focusing on the intersection between IT and the Service Providers

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