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IT Technical Leadership

TPP's IT Technical Leadership Services Practice offers highly experienced, hands-on and independent software/IT management helping your organization keep software and infrastructure projects on track, utilize best practices and arrive at unbiased decisions on technical and outsource evaluations.
TPP offers experienced Technical Leadership help in:
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Gregg Prescott

Software Development

TPP Technical Services staff has been building, deploying and operating software solutions for over 20 years. We can bring our considerable experience to the specification, project management, architecture, tool selection, and deployment of your software solution.


Whether it is overall project ownership or team augmentation, we offer the hands-on experience, maturity and know-how to help bring your critical development project in on- time and on-budget.

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Fractional or Interim CIO/CTO

Smaller companies often cannot justify a full-time CIO/CTO yet find themselves in need of the experience and competitive advantages that position would bring. TPP's Fractional CIO/CTO is designed to meet this need by providing hands-on technical leadership on a part-time basis. We work with company owners and senior executives to identify gaps in IT strategy and capabilities and provide the leadership to close those gaps. Managing relatively lower cost engineers and technicians, the Fractional Leadership model affords small companies the most cost effective means to embracing information technology sooner rather than later
Medium to large companies may also find themselves with a void in technical leadership resulting from company or personal crises, transition or simply too much work at one time. The Interim CIO/CTO is geared to meet this need. In this capacity TPP offers technical leadership, architecture and operational engineering, staff augmentation and search/evaluation for a permanent CIO/CTO.  Acting as a member of your extended management team TPP focuses on sustaining the business, achieving short-term business goals and on building an organization for the future. TPP will help design an engagement best suited to meet the client's specific needs and objectives.

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Technical Diligence and Value Assessment

TPP provides technical due diligence and value assessment of company's products or capabilities. We provide detailed, unbiased evaluation of information technology products or services when considering an investment or acquisition. A custom report and debriefing is delivered as part of the assessment giving TPP Grades on risk and recommendations for remedy on the following minimum topics.
Strength and appropriateness of software and hardware architecture

  • Scalability needs and capabilities

  • Personnel skills and abilities assessment

  • Organizational structure effectiveness

  • Value and differentiation of capability in the marketplace (IP)

  • Software development process discipline and maturity

  • Operational processes (if applicable)

  • Data Center hosting and operational effectiveness (if applicable)

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