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Mergers and Acquisitions

A key element of a company's growth strategy often includes a merger or acquisition. Successfully completing a transaction takes effective planning, execution and a lot of hard work.
TPP's Mergers and Acquisitions Practice offers professionals who are experienced with both the due diligence and integration phases of a transaction. Regardless of being on the buy or sell side, TPP will work closely with you and your teams to ensure deals are completed successfully.
TPP's service offerings cover all aspects of due diligence and integration. We will then work with you post-close to ensure the acquired entity is fully integrated to realize the expected synergies and maximum deal value.
Mergers and Acquisitions services offerings include:
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Due Diligence


Our professionals will lead the due diligence phase of the transaction. TPP will carefully work with both entities to ensure the correct information is produced, analyzed and understood. If you require accounting & financial, technical, customer or business process diligence, TPP has the resources to conduct fair and thorough diligence.


We will work through the diligence phase to ensure the appropriate concerns are addressed and establish a process for more effectively integrating the target business with the acquiring entity.

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Integration: Program Management

Often the primary business goal of an acquisition is to integrate the acquired entity in order to realize synergies and structural benefits at the earliest opportunity. This requires detailed planning to successfully incorporate the acquired entity into an enterprise's business model as expeditiously and transparently as possible.


TPP has developed a proven, comprehensive and systematic master plan that addresses all parts of an Acquisition Integration Implementation, including requirements definition, review of the acquired organization, processes, application software, hardware, communications, applications, testing, data conversion, resources, education/training and post-implementation support. We have a Road-map that sets the framework for integrating the acquired organization into the existing environment.


TPP's senior Program Managers assist project teams through the stages of a project providing the structure and guidance required to a successfully implementation.

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Business Process - 'Form & Fit'


Acquiring companies and merging operations and systems is done frequently but there are inevitably surprises that delay full integration and increase overall cost. Every business has some unique characteristics that manifest through business process and reporting. Identifying these process anomalies as early as possible, and the consequent systems implications is critical for successful integration. Due diligence does not typically get to the process level and therefore the uniqueness may well not be revealed.

TPP will conduct a 'Form & Fit' workshop(s) with SME's from both the target and acquiring organizations to:

  • Demonstrate the way the current process and system function to the target company

  • Identify and prioritize the gaps

  • Assess the effort to close the gaps and facilitate prioritization by the appropriate executive sponsors


The goal is to execute a successful transaction and TPP will work closely with you to ensure that goal is achieved.

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