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Management Services

The experts at TPP Global Services can help you achieve the performance necessary for success in your market.  Targeted to your business model, Management Consulting Practice expertise offerings include:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM implementations continue to receive a \"black eye\" for failing to deliver the anticipated business value. CEO's and senior executives want what CRM can do for them to achieve their growth and strategic goals, but are reluctant to invest in CRM because it is often simply too hard to implement. Another major concern is whether users i.e. sales, service and operations will use the system in the intended manner and enter the data that ultimately delivers business value.

Business Process Improvement

Practice Business processes are at the heart of all companies. There are invariably abundant opportunities for process improvement, but other priorities and initiatives prevail, resources are limited, and consensus is tough. Consequently, even with the best of intent, little meaningful progress is made. TPP offers three services that are targeted to specific company's needs and time horizon, depending on its capacity to drive a BPI program.

Executive Finance

TPP works with growth companies in need of experienced, seasoned Executive Financial leadership.  Our Practice offers highly experienced professionals to work with you in the capacity that best meets your needs. We will provide the executive financial guidance and expertise to help achieve your goals and execute your strategy.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Corporate growth strategies often include mergers and acquisitions. Whether on the buy or sell side, TPP has the experience to guide you through the successful completion and integration of a transaction.

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