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Mark Weinstein

Tel: 781-861-2274

Practice Leader
IT Executive Services

Mark is a Fractional CIO

Although all businesses benefit by outstanding IT leadership, for many it is impractical to employ a first-rate CIO as a permanent full-time employee.

Independent of any technology vendor, Mark is a trusted advisor and hands-on practitioner.  His value proposition as a Fractional CIO is to serve clients with a time commitment and cost optimized for them.  

Businesses of all sizes have access to more technology solutions at lower costs than ever before. Cloud computing, managed services, mobile devices, and diminishing hardware costs have opened the door for small and medium-sized businesses to compete with large companies in numerous ways.

More options means more complexity, which some organizations are ill equipped to handle.

Mark has technology management experience in acquisition integration, has held positions in firms from 30 to 30,000 employees, and managed application development and outsourcing.  He's enjoyed roles from Accountant to Systems Analyst to VP of IT, and managed complex cross-functional projects.

Contact me Mark if you are:
• Executing or anticipating a corporate event: acquisition, integration, divestiture, consolidation
• Lacking an IT road-map
• Considering a major investment in an enterprise application
• Interested in optimizing IT to reduce costs, scale an operation or meet anticipated opportunity
• Experiencing poor return on your IT investment


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