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Information Technology Services

TPP Global Services IT management experts can help you develop the right strategy and achieve the IT operational performance. Information Technology Practice expertise offerings include:

IT Strategy and Management

Strategy and Management Services are focused on the following: IT Strategic Planning; IT Governance, Alignment and Performance Management Processes; IT Enterprise Architecture; Achieving business impact through IT enabled innovation and best practice; and M&A Services. In all cases, combining timing with a deep understanding of the realities of your business, TPP's goal is to assist it's customers to be positioned in the vanguard of their industries in terms of successfully leveraging innovation in Information Technology, Business Models and Human Capital Management.

IT Technical Leadership

TPP's Technical Services Practice offers highly experienced, hands-on and independent software/IT management helping your organization keep software and infrastructure projects on track, utilize best practices and arrive at unbiased decisions on technical and outsource evaluations. We offer experienced help in Software Development, Technical Management, Architecture and Value Assessment.

Portfolio and Project Management

TPP's Portfolio and Project Management Practice focuses on the anchor points for an effective IT governance framework to increase the successful implementation of key business-related projects. TPP offers a full suite of services to include: Project Portfolio Management, PMOs, Project Management Maturity, M&A Program Management, Project Performance Measurement as well as PMIS Design & Evaluation.

IT Organizational Development and Strategic Sourcing

In the flat world of today, even moderately sized IT organization or IT projects need to consider the potential advantages of labor arbitrage and access to skills that a global blended delivery model could provide. Leveraging the right kind of resources at the right location and right cost whether on site, near shore or offshore is what TPP refers to as Strategic Sourcing.

IT Executive Services

In today's dynamic business climate, Executives often face unique IT challenges. TPP provides the C-Level Executive with experienced guidance to sort out alternatives and uncover a course of action. Whether it is IT Operational performance, Business Systems direction, or management of day-to-day operations, TPP is equipped to offer immediate assistance. Engagements range from short-term or project-focused efforts, to longer term 'trusted advisor' assignments.

Information Systems Security

Information Systems Security is too often considered as a tactical response, while the organization's adversaries take a decidedly strategic world view. TPP works with companies to approach information systems security from a strategic, process point of view and craft an approach that's specific to the organization's overall threat landscape and risk profile.

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