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John Riches

Tel: UK: +44 7590 824450

      US: +1 617 849 8564

Practice Leader
Global Infrastructure Management

IT Executive Services


Basedin London, UK, John has over 30 years global IT leadership experience in high-tech and financial services companies, as well as providing consultancy services to a range of enterprise organizations.


His expertise covers Infrastructure, Networking, End User Services, Security, organization development working with teams from US, through Europe, Asia to Oceania


His project experience includes outsourcing and off-shoring, M&A activities, network and infrastructure optimization, service delivery, logistics processes and security.


John has a proven track record delivering market-leading technology solutions while driving the implementation of common global standards to provide consistency of IT services across the wider organization.


John is comfortable working with people at all levels in an organization and is able to manage projects of all sizes

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